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SurThrival Schizandra Berry

SurThrival Schizandra Berry
100% Organic American-grown Schizandra Berries dried through a proprietary process at peak ripeness to lock in Maximum Antioxidant Potential. This renowned beautifying tonic berry makes an ultra refreshing functional beverage!

Finally, a highly nutritious, great tasting, medicinal berry that is low in sugar. Grown in the United States under strict Organic standards, and dried to lock in all of its nutritive and adaptogenic properties.

Fruits form an important part of our diet today just as they have throughout our human ancestry. Unfortunately most of the fruits available to us today differ vastly from those we adapted to eat. Modern fruits have been bred to be much larger, they are lower in nutrients and antioxidants, are far higher in fructose, and in many cases are sterile hybrids or genetic clones.

That's why we are so excited to bring you this Organic, concentrated Schizandra berry powder. It offers us a chance to consume a great tasting but low sugar berry whose medicinal phytochemistry is truly legendary, making Schizandra one of the most celebrated tonic and adaptogenic substances in the Chinese system of medicinal herbalism.

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