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SurThrival Ghee

SurThrival Ghee

Ghee is an all time favourite not only for its well documented historical use but also for its many modern day applications...

SurThrival Ghee is produced in small, hand-crafted batches and sourced exclusively from grass-fed, organic certified cows. Our delicious ghee is produced on the full or waxing moon, in alignment with the traditional methods of India. Ghee’s high flashpoint makes it an ideal fat for cooking and the clarification process removes the two allergens normally associated with dairy products; casein and lactose.

Ghee is rich in a full spectrum of nutritional lipids (fats) and fat soluble vitamins, making it an excellent choice for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Our ghee has a brilliantly rich golden color, a decadently creamy texture, and wholesome nutty flavor that everyone loves! One taste of our ghee and we think you’ll agree — this is best available on the market today!

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